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       At Bodies By Design, weight loss is our passion and whether your goal is to be healthier or to fit back into those favorite pair of jeans, we are committed to helping you successfully reach your goals. Along with one on one counseling, we also provide 24 hour support via phone, email and Facebook messenger.

What to expect on your first visit.

​      On your first visit you will have a weight loss analysis completed by one of our weight loss counselors, this will include getting your height and weight, taking your vitals, reviewing your health history and current medications and health issues, going over your weight loss goals and reviewing our weight loss programs in order to determine which plan would best fit your goals, needs and lifestyle. After your weight loss analysis you will then be seen by our Nurse Practitioner who will preform an exam and complete the determination of which program is best for you.

​     To save you some time you can download and print your required paperwork here.

​The links below provide information on all of our medically supervised weight loss programs, supplements and weight loss injections.